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Out of the Box



Out of the Box projects represent the different directions I have taken, working in different genres and materials, and always exploring new ways of expressing my creative nature. 

Created with an "n-scale" model of the Rio Grande California Zephyr, which ran from Chicago, Illinois to Emeryville, California from 1949 to the 1970's.  This work combines painting and real objects in a diorama style setting.  The scene depicts the transition from the Rockies to the desert in western Colorado.

"California Zephyr"  (1 x 10')


The Macrame.jpg

"Eagle Face" (5' diameter)

(Mick Webster Collection)

During the 1970's, macramé became very popular as an art form.  "Eagle Face" was created using the metal rim from a western style wagon, and the side legs of a Singer Sewing Machine treadle.

Waterfall 1976.jpg


    3 X 5'

Created in1975

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